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The Town of Jackman

Carved out by the receding glacial envelope centuries ago, the many valley depressions became ideal recipients of the abundant flowing waters and created what has been known as a world class fishery and hunting haven.  Working with the forest industries and becoming a formal Town in 1836 the town continued to grow and change.  The logging roads were repurposed into an envious  network of trail systems which now provides further access to the back country resources.  As Jackman continued to experience a growing recreational economy, its people realized that they were in a special place and visitors appreciated the alpine like topography with a bit of European flair. 

Today the community and region continue to offer challenging experiences and family recreational opportunities.  The results are that new memories  are passed on to the next generation.  What used to be a limited retreat has now become a favorite family destination.  Local motels, hotels, restaurants and convenience stores support those experiences for all visitors alike. 

You are invited to visit Jackman and experience the peaceful life, away from the daily stresses, yet offering modern conveniences during your stay.  Be a part of the rich heritage that only Jackman can offer.  Visit us at You will want start your adventure now.

The Town of Jackman Maine- A recreational and forestry based community that prides itself on being both a tourist friendly community and a great destination region that helps create your next vacation memories.



​BIG WOOD POND- In the Heart of the Jackman Downtown

Jackman Maine- A Tourist Friendly Region

              A small community with a big heart.